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        China clothing forum Hangzhou summit this convergence pulse industry future 

        Following the G20 summit in Hangzhou ended in September 9th, by China Garment Association, Chinese Fashion Association, Hangzhou city Yuhang District People's government, Hangzhou jointly hosted the Linping metro development and Construction Management Committee of the garment industry summit "new fashion new era, 2016 Chinese clothing - Hangzhou Summit Forum" held in Hangzhou ysun town.

        Chinese Textile Industry Association vice president, President of Chinese Garment Association Sun Ruizhe, executive vice president of Chinese Garment Association Chen Dapeng, China Textile Economy Research Center Director Sun Huaibin, President of the China Textile Construction Planning Institute Feng Dehu, Chinese Fashion Association vice chairman Zhang Qing Hui, deputy secretary of Hangzhou Municipal Committee, mayor Zhang Hongming, Hangzhou Municipal Committee Tong Guili, Hangzhou Municipal Committee Yuhang party secretary Xu Wenguang and other leaders, experts and scholars, business representatives attended the event.

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